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Surrounded by picturesque rolling hills and beautiful farmland, Versailles, KY boasts some of the most famous horse farms in Central Kentucky, many of which are home to legendary Kentucky thoroughbreds and winners of the Kentucky Derby. Nestled in the heart of the Bluegrass region, Versailles (pronounced "Vur-sales") is only a short drive from Lexington, Frankfort or Louisville and is one of the most charming smaller communities surrounding Lexington. Often thought of as a "Gentleman Farmer" community, you'll find all kinds of homes and farms for sale here, from modest homes priced under $150,000 to grand farms fit for a king (or at least fit for all manner of horse farm operations). Versailles is super close to Lexington's Bluegrass Airport and to the Bluegrass Parkway (they probably need to use the word "bluegrass" around here more often, haha:-) and, unlike many of the communities surrounding Lexington, traffic flow in and out of the city is usually pretty smooth, with the exception of the few weeks a year Keeneland Race Track is in session, in which case you can take back roads if you need to travel between Versailles and Lexington, or you can just avoid Versailles Road right before the first race of the day or right after the last race. Otherwise, traffic flow is usually pretty good because there's not a lot of commercial development up and down Versailles Road. If you'd like a home on one or more acres and you need easy access to Lexington or Frankfort, or if you just like the feel of a smaller community but like quick access to the airport, Versailles may be a great choice!

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